Family Law / Divorce

Choosing the right lawyer for your unique situation is a critically important decision. Family matters can be complicated and require an attorney with sufficient knowledge and experience. Miller Law & Mediation, LLC’s experienced family law and divorce lawyers are equipped to handle complex property cases, along with our highest standard of integrity and compassion for you and your children, allow us to maximize your results and protect your future.

We handle divorce, custody, and post-divorce-related cases, including:

• Divorce
• Parental Right and Responsibility
• Separation
• High-Asset Property Divisions
• Determination of income
• Calculation of Alimony
• Calculation of Child Support
• Child Custody
• Spousal Support
• Settlement Agreements
• Post-Divorce Modifications
• Motion for Contempt
• Enforcement of Divorce Judgments
• Relocation
• Jurisdictional Disputes
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Postnuptial Agreements
• Reconciliation Agreements
• Collaborative Law

Our Portland, Maine based family and divorce lawyers have the experience to take on the most challenging, complex, divorce, custody, or other family law related cases. Even in the most adversarial cases, we exercise professionalism and respect to minimize conflict to help clients achieve an amicable, fair, and practical resolution. In each case, however, we are prepared to be zealous advocates at trial in the event negotiations break down. This approach, especially against difficult opposing parties, better enables us to work toward a reasonable, fair resolution and often encourages settlement.