Our Firm

MILLER LAW & MEDIATION is a Portland, Maine law firm dedicated to offering individuals and businesses an alternative to traditional and contested legal disputes.  We are experienced lawyers primarily focused on divorce, mediation, family law, estate planning, commercial real estate, and business services.

Our team understands that transitions in families and business can cause extreme stress irrespective of the reason. We also know that disputes between individuals or businesses are often uniquely contentious and complex. However, when handled strategically, practical settlements that meet the needs of the parties and their loved ones can be achieved. Whether in a familial or business setting, we implement a team strategy to determine a fair resolution, often bringing the expertise of others, such as accounting and financial experts, appraisers, counselor, and investigators, to determine the best possible resolution.

We will listen to concerns about the process, understand your objectives, answer your questions, and communicate next steps. We will discuss your legal rights and how they relate to the specific facts of your case. We guide you toward decisions that serve not only your short term legal interests, but also your long term well-being.