Mediation, the most amicable process, allows you and your spouse to work together to mediate your differences, determine your wants and needs, and arrive at a structured settlement agreement through a non-adversarial manner. This is the most cost efficient manner and allows you to maintain the greatest level of control over your divorce.

When you and your spouse disagree, our mediators use dispute resolution techniques and their knowledge of Maine Law to help guide you to resolve your differences.

Our mediators are certified and have completed the 40 hour training program. We will work with you and your spouse through a series of 90-minutes long sessions to resolve all the issues in your divorce or post-divorce. We will prepare a settlement agreement, property distribution, charts and child support documents and make revisions as necessary to memorialize the final agreement.

Once you and your spouse agree on the settlement, you may choose to work with your own lawyer to review the agreement and ensure you are comfortable with the outcome. After all your disputes are resolved, you will initiate a divorce action in Maine District Court to finalize your divorce based upon your agreements.